Anderson Silva In Favor Of Reinstating TRT Exemption • MMA News


Anderson Silva In Favor Of Reinstating TRT Exemption • MMA News

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Anderson Silva wish to see the return of testosterone substitute remedy (TRT) exemptions within the Final Combating Championship (UFC).

There was a number of controversy surrounding TRT use in combined martial arts earlier than the U.S. Anti-Doping Company (USADA) was put in place. Fighters equivalent to Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson had TRT exemptions. Belfort appeared like a world beater throughout this period, however he went 2-Three, 1 NC underneath the USADA period.

Anderson Silva Desires TRT Exemptions Again

Chatting with Rap 77, Silva talked about TRT and defined why USADA ought to change its stance (by way of

“There are some athletes who need to make use of the hormonal replacement. I think, if USADA regulated that, we’d have the sport at a high level, with athletes who have stopped fighting. Vitor, for example. Even me, though I never had the replacement. But some athletes who really need it, who are older. Dan Henderson, many other athletes who have stopped because of this. USADA’s entrance in the UFC to control the doping situation, the way I see it, was good. But, in a certain way, it ends up being a disturbance. Because MMA isn’t a regular sport like all the others. It demands from the athlete fighting training, physical training. There are other countless technical valencies that they have to maintain(like) injuries, etc.”

Silva is scheduled to tackle Israel Adesanya on Feb. 9 at UFC 234. The bout will function UFC 234’s co-main occasion. Headlining the cardboard will probably be a middleweight title conflict between champion Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum.

Do you suppose TRT exemptions ought to stay a non-factor?

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