Jon Jones Talks “Picograms” & Taking Away Its Power • MMA News


Jon Jones Talks “Picograms” & Taking Away Its Power • MMA News

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Earlier this month, an individual referenced “pico-sized” blessings in response to Jones discussing being appreciative for the little things in life, to which Jones, rolling with the joke in response, stated, “Now, you’re getting it.” Headed into his light heavyweight title defense against Anthony Smith at UFC 235, Jon Jones is worry free and is not letting anything or anyone get to him, including the now proverbial “picogram” references:

“I’ve decided to take the power out of that word completely,” Jones began in a media scrum Wednesday (Feb. 27).  “If people know that it bothers you, then they’re gonna continue to hound you, and hound you, and hound you with it. And I’ve decided to say, hey, at the end of the day, picograms…the doctors and scientists, they’ve been able to prove that I’ve never taken anything that’s given me any performance-enhancing benefits. And so when you know that, and you know the fans know that, then anything else is just trolling. And so I’ve taken the power out of that whole idea, and now I make fun of myself about it.”

Although Jon Jones is not bothered by the picogram jokes and references, he does acknowledge that it’s unfortunate how many fans only judge by the headlines and social commentary instead of educating themselves on his situation:

“The only thing that sucks about it is oftentimes the fans don’t click on the link. They’ll just see the headline, ‘Jon Tested Positive AGAIN,” capital, “AGAIN,” all caps,” Jones said. “And it just sucks that most of the fans aren’t going to click on the link and actually read that this has been an ongoing thing and it’s actually the same situation, just broken up into different fights.”

At the end of the day, Jon Jones says that he is secure in who he is and what he has done, and that what everyone else thinks and why they think it is none of his business:

“When you learn to just realize that you can’t control everybody else’s emotions, and the way they view you, and you’ve got to learn to an extent not to just care. As long as I’m taking care of my family, and my close friends, and I’m making this money for my future, everything’s gonna be OK.”

What are your thoughts on Jon Jones’s take on the picogram controversy?

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