Darren Till Loves That He’s ‘The Most Called Out Welterweight Fighter’ in the UFC • MMA News


Darren Till Loves That He’s ‘The Most Called Out Welterweight Fighter’ in the UFC • MMA News

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Darren Till’s last fight was back in September 2018 at UFC 228 but he has definitely heard his name called plenty of times since then.

The British slugger, who fell to former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in his last outing, has been anxiously awaiting his return to action as he looks to begin his climb back into title contention.

He had no shortage of possible opponents with a slew of top ranked welterweights calling him out over the past few months.

Everybody from Leon Edwards to new UFC contender Ben Askren have been asking to fight him and Till says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I think I’m the most called out welterweight fighter right now,” Till said to the UFC ahead of his return in London. “Everyone seems to want to call Darren Till out. There’s a target on my back, which is good for me. Obviously, I’m the guy to beat. You know as much as the champion is, I must be one of the guys to beat.

“I’m happy I’m up there, one of the top level fighters in the world being called out so constant. I love it.”

“Obviously, I’m the guy to beat” ~ Darren Till 

The way Till sees it, the fact that so many fighters want to call him out means he must be doing something right in his career where he was undefeated until his most recent setback against Woodley.

Till remains ranked as a top three welterweights in the world according to the UFC and with new champion Kamaru Usman cemented atop the division, he knows he’s not very far away from climbing back into that title race.

This weekend, Till faces tough-as-nails welterweight Jorge Masvidal in the main event at UFC Fight Night in London where he hopes to begin that journey back to the championship.

In his mind, Till knows he’s still one of the best fighters in the world and now he’s ready to go out and display it on Saturday in his home country.

“I just want to show greatness. I want to fight great. I want people to say I’m great. I want people to be in awe of watching me,” Till said. “All those things that come with it.

“Hopefully I can do it on the 16th. Most important for me is a big win. Apart from everything else, that’s what I want most.”


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