Antonina Shevchenko Proud to Be Part of First UFC Women’s Fight in Russia • MMA News


Antonina Shevchenko Proud to Be Part of First UFC Women’s Fight in Russia • MMA News

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It seems like a lifetime has passed since the UFC started promoting
women’s mixed martial arts but in reality it’s only been just over six years
since Ronda Rousey became the catalyst that changed Dana White’s mind.

The UFC president had long been against women fighting
inside the Octagon but he changed his opinion after watching Rousey compete.

Now in 2019, women’s mixed martial arts produces a huge
segment of fights seen in the UFC every year with the expansion to four
divisions last year.

This weekend the first ever UFC women’s fight will take place in Russia when Antonina Shevchenko takes on Roxanne Modafferi on the main card from Saint Petersburg. This holds particular significance because Russia has only recently started promoting women’s fights in the country.

Just a few weeks ago, Russia opted to include women for the first time in the national MMA championships and last year Fight Nights Global promoted the first ever women’s title fight in the country.

Now Shevchenko and Modafferi will battle it out on the biggest stage in MMA when they meet in the UFC this weekend.

“I’m very excited to fight in Russia, especially because our
fight will be first UFC women’s fight in Russia,” Shevchenko said ahead of her

Shevchenko, who hails from nearby Kyrgyzstan, says that she
will have a lot of friends and family in the audience to watch her perform on

The honor of competing in the first ever women’s fight in
the UFC in Russia also ratchets up the attention her upcoming clash will
receive, which is why Shevchenko is so motivated to put on a good show and make
a great first impression.

“That’s why it’s so important for me to show a good fight,
show good technique and show good skills and get the victory of course,”
Shevchenko said about being the first UFC women’s fight in Russia.

“Many people, our friends, our family will be coming to
Saint Petersburg to support me. Many people from my home country of Kyrgyzstan
will be there for the fight. It’s very huge, it’s a very important fight and I’m
excited. That’s why I’m focused, I’m training hard and we’ll do the same in all
my fights to get the victory and to move forward.”

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